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30 Jun 2016

A pc-on-component (COM) or system on element (SOM) is a form of simple-panel computer (SBC), a subtype of an embedded computer program. An extension of the thought of method on-chip (SoC) and system-in offer (SiP), NET lies between a full-up computer as well as a microcontroller in nature.

computer on module


COMs are comprehensive embedded computers built on a single circuit board. An expansion of the thought of Technique On-Chip (SoC), NET lies between a complete-up computer and a microcontroller. The design is based on a microprocessor with RAM, input /output controllers and other characteristics would have to be a practical computer about the one board. However, unlike one-board computer, the NET typically lacks the conventional ties for almost any insight/output peripherals to be linked straight to the table.

The element typically needs to be mounted on a carrier board (or "baseboard") which breaks the coach out to regular peripheral connections. Some COMs also include peripheral connections. Some may be used without a carrier.

A NET option supplies a thick package pc system to be used in specialized or small applications needing low power usage or modest real measurement as is desired in embedded devices. Like there is a COM highly integrated and quite small, perhaps sophisticated CPUs, including multi-core technology, can be recognized over a NET.

Utilizing a provider table is just a benefit most of the time, as it could apply specific I /O interfaces, storage products, fittings or form factors. Separating the style of the service panel if needed, and COM makes design aspects more modular. A company designed to your unique request might involve high design overhead alone. When the precise processor and key I/O controllers are found over a NET, without having to overhaul a really specialized provider as well, it's much simpler, like, to enhance a Computer aspect of the following era. This reduce development times and can save costs. On the other hand, this only works if the board-to-board association between its particular company and the COM stays compatible between improvements.

Some devices also combine discipline-programmable gate array (FPGA) elements. FPGA-based functions might be added towards the NET itself or to the service card as IP cores. Because I/O features could be tailored to special needs without rewiring to the printed circuit board using FPGA IP cores increases the modularity of the NET idea.


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